Isaiah Roby

NBA Game Day Styling
Name of Client: Isaiah Roby
Date of Work: 2020-2021 NBA Season
Service Provided: NBA Game Day Stylist

Project Overview

I operated as Roby’s personal stylist for Game-day looks during the 2020-2021 NBA Season. The goal initially was to get Roby interested in fashion. When we met he really had no real idea of what his style was or how to wear what he wanted. I was able to start from scratch and curate some looks that birthed a greater passion for discovering his personal style. It’s amazing how we began working together. He followed me on Instagram because he liked my content and I ended up just shooting my shot and sending him a message. He accepted my proposal and we began the work. He was my first major client and I not only helped him, but he really helped me learn more about the business just by being a client. That NBA season was my launch pad.


More than anything Roby wanted more streetwear looks, so I put together some mood boards and we started to plot and plan around various colors, shapes and drapes. This is probably one of most important pieces of styling; it’s so much more than just throwing a bunch of clothing articles together. Some of our fits were simple and others a bit more complex depending on what city he was playing in that game. From there the magic was all in how he wore the look coming down the tunnel.